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Our cash prizes this year are: $1,200 cash drawing to one lucky entrant (a full registration equals 1 ticket for the drawing)

$200 and $100 for lucky winners in the door-prize drawing. Tickets are available the day of the show for that and other prizes.

$300 and $150 for the first and second prize car clubs. This prize is to encourage clubs to travel together to our community and is awarded using the equation of # of car club members registered X miles traveled from the club's community.  

HOTEL DEALS - Reserve a room at one of our two sponsoring hotels and receive a discount. 

Quality Inn of Craig - - call them directly for the car show deal - 970-824-4000

Elk Run Inn of Craig - - call them directly - 970-826-4444

On Thursday, May 27, we were informed by the NW Colorado Health Board and Moffat County Board of Commissioners, that our mitigation safety plan was approved. 

Our goal is to put on an event that takes into account the health of our vehicle owners, volunteers and attendees. We would appreciate if you would read through the mitigation plan as it applies to car owners!

Car Show Overview - from the NW Colorado Health Board

The board members of the Bear River Young Life Car Show (BRYL) are proposing a car show in downtown Craig, CO, the evening of June 19 and 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM on June 20th.  This year, they are not planning any social event on Friday night to reduce the chance of Coronavirus infection.  In place of this, they are recommending supporting local downtown Craig restaurants, which we think is good. 

Covid-19 Virus Protection

Social distancing (6 foot separation) and cloth face mask wearing are important measures to protect community public health from the spread of the Covid-19 virus (CDC; CO Dept of Public Health and Environment).  It is now thought by the CDC that up to 35% of infected people may not show symptoms (asymptomatic) of the Covid-19 virus.  This makes social distancing and face mask wearing even more important to reduce infection rates.


  1. Face masks:  All BRYL staff and volunteers should wear cloth covering face masks when in the booth and around participants.  Staff/volunteers should sit 6 feet away from each other unless they are of the same family/household.  When walking around the car show staff/volunteers should wear masks when near car owners, and participants.  Providing cloth face masks to your car show entrants in their “goody bags” is a good idea.  All car show entrants and attending public should be encouraged to wear face masks when they are in crowds or within 6 feet of people during the event.
  2. Signs for Public: BRYL staff and volunteers should prepare a sign for all entrances to the downtown car show with some rules:  1. Encourage cloth face mask wearing when around other attendees and car owners;  2.  No handshaking with car owners; 3. Maintain 6 feet of separation between all groups and individuals; 4.  Information about following arrows and the proposed flow through the car show (west side traffic travel south, east side traffic travel north).  5.  Discourage crowding at each car.  If a car has 10 people around it, then ask participants to go to a different car and come back later to the car they missed.  6.  Wash hands often.
  3.  Barricading Streets:  BRYL staff have proposed to barricade open areas between downtown buildings/businesses to create fewer points of entry to the car show.  This is recommended.  It would be good to have only a few entrances.  All entrances should have signs posted for rules, and staff at each entrance to provide information.
  4. Crowding:  BRYL staff and volunteers should try to keep crowds to 10 people or less around each car.  Encourage car show participants to stay less than 10 minutes at each car, then move on to another car.   The CDC maintains that close contact between individuals for 10 minutes is enough time to contract the Covid-19 virus if someone is contagious.
  5. Spacing of Cars:  The car show is spread out across 2 blocks downtown on both sides of the street, and the street is closed to traffic.  To facilitate Social Distancing better, the cars should be spaced at least 12 feet apart.  This gives enough room for groups to be viewing the cars side by side and still be 6 feet apart.
  6. Crowd Size:  In looking at the BRYL aerial photo from 2019, the crowd looks very manageable and spread out well over the 2 blocks.  Since BRYL is not doing something like a music stage that draws people in, then people are not congregating in large groups it appears.  Participants walk through the car show on their own schedule throughout the day on Saturday 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and then leave.  This looks good.   In past years, the Car Show has also taken place with Whittle the Wood, another large event in Craig.  Whittle the Wood is cancelled for this year, so fewer out of town people are likely to come to Craig.  This is beneficial from a Covid-19 virus transmission perspective.  

Entrants release Young Life and the 2020 Bear River Young Life Car Show, their sponsors and the City of Craig from liability due to any damage, injury, theft, or claims for any cause whatever that may be suffered by an entrant, family member or guest of entrant at the car show. Entrants agree to allow BRYL to use their name and picture, and/or video of entrant and their vehicle(s) for publicity or advertising purposes, before, during, and after the BRYL Car Show at no cost to any organization or individual.
I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of entrance to Bear River Young Life 2020 Car Show.

Merchandise *

  • Free T-Shirt w/registration

    Free T-Shirt w/registration

  • Additional T-Shirts ($15 each - $20 day of show))

    Additional T-Shirts ($15 each - $20 day of show))


Registration fee is $30 for first vehicle, $15 for each additional entry. 

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